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The Standard for Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation

The IMPREG Liner GL16 is the most versatile and cost-effective rehabilitation technologies on the market today. The IMPREG Liner is developed for all common pipes from 6″ (150mm) to over 72″ (1,800mm)!

A world class, state-of-the-art liner is only as good as the technology and materials that go into every step of production. This is why IMPREG uses the highest grade fiberglass and highest quality UV resins in our liner designs.

The IMPREG liner GL16 is designed to adapt and overcome even the most technically complex variables and challenges on any job site. This includes weather, large dimensions, changes in dimension mid-pipe, different pipe shapes and profiles, different “pipe” materials like corrugated steel or brick, structural degradation of the pipe, and more.

Through the IMPREG liner GL16, the IMPREG Group has consistently proven our reputation as the industry leader and standard for trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

Solution Focus

IMPREG is a solutions first manufacturer, leading to more value for our clients down the pipe.


Proudly Made In The USA ✓
Globally Used & Trusted ✓
Certified Process ✓

Economic Value

No Refridgeration ✓
Faster Install Speeds ✓
Longevity 50+ Years ✓

Enviromental Footprint

No Chemical Migration ✓
Trenchless, Minimal Waste ✓
Energy Efficient ✓

Materials & UV-Technology

IMPREG UV Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) Liners are dedicated to sustainability, efficiency, durability, safety, and economic viability –  we never rest on our laurels, instead continuing to innovate & lead the way into the future.

Liner Materials

A world class, state-of-the-art liner is only as good as the technology and materials that go into every step of production. This is why IMPREG uses the highest grade fiberglass and highest quality UV resins in our liner designs.

We are uncompromising in our use of only the highest-quality, most efficient materials in our IMPREG Liners.

The Strongest Liner 
Will Never Corrode
50+ Year Liner Lifespan

UV Technology

IMPREG Liners are cured in place using Ultra Violet (UV) Technology. With this market leading Trenchless Technology, our clients perform pipe and sewer rehabilitation with more speed, less cost, less environmental footprint, safer and with more efficiency than conventional processes.

IMPREG Liners can be stored for 3 months at normal temperatures without additional cooling, for additional project site flexibility.

Minimal Jobsite Footprint
Pipes are Functional Immediately After Curing
Environmentally Concious & Highly Energy Efficient


We realize pipe liner renovation projects fast and advise you competently

GL16 Specifications

The IMPREG Liner GL16 is UV-curing, durable, versatile, quality tested and internationally independently certified.

Storability: Can be stored for at least 3 months ✓
Stability: Wall Thickness .1 – .8 inches (3 – 20.5 mm) ✓
Remaining Styrene Value ≤ 4 Mass-% ✓
pH1 – pH12: DIN EN ISO 175 ✓

Density Based on DIN EN ISO 1183-2
1.64 g/cm³ ± 0.2 g/cm³
Glass Content Based on DIN EN ISO 1172
55% ± 5% (mass related)
Weight per unit area of glass per mm wall thickness
890 g/m2 ± 15%
Remaining Styrene Value
≤ 4 Mass-%
24 h – tendency to creep according to DIN EN ISO 899-2
≤ 10%
E-Module short-term E01
15.600 N/mm2
E-Module long-term E50
13.000 N/mm2
Flexural Strength σ01
245 N/mm2
Flexural Strength σ50
204 N/mm2
Flexural Strength σ50
204 N/mm2
Reduction Factor A1
Retention rate for 50 years Design ASTM F 1216

The IMPREG Liner Difference

IMPREG is the solution for even the most complex trenchless sewer and watewater pipe rehabilitation challenges.

Pipes with Changes in Dimension - CIPP Solutions

Changes in Dimension

Liners with changes in dimension mid-pipe, also called a Transition Liner, are produced to defined dimensional changes by the IMPREG manufacturing team. When ordering, installing and curing these specialty liners, specific instructions about communication, installation and storage time must be carried out. For more Transition Liner information, contact our specialists.
Environmental Focus - IMPREG Liner Difference

Environmental Focus

The IMPREG Liner was specially designed with the future in mind. Not just for the 50+ year lifespan of the product, but also the future of the world. No migration of materials, no water / steam curing, lighter, more durable, smaller process footprint, smaller jobsite footprint and close to no wasted material makes the IMPREG GL16 Liner a product for the future, now.
Different Pipe Profiles with IMPREG Liner GL16

Different Pipe Profiles

The IMPREG Liner makes the complex, simple. We have experience designing and successfully installing all shapes of pipes and “pipe” materials. From elliptical to box pipes, from dilapidated corrugated steel to brick culverts. If it was once a Wastewater pipe, we can design the perfect liner.
Installation Safety GL16 CIPP Lining Technology Soultions

Installation Safety

Along with eliminating steam curing installation methods used by other liner that release dangerous chemicals into the air, smaller installation footprints with IMPREG Liners also allow safer working environments for installation teams.

Transport & Packaging

IMPREG CIPP liners ship in specially IMPREG-made transport boxes for added protection. The inside of the transport box is also lined with a UV-resistant foil to further protect against UV light during transit.

International Project? IMPREG has international shipping experience as well as multiple warehouses and will provide support at any time with customs clearance and import into your destination country.

Made in the USA Manufacturing
Plant to Project, We Organize Transit
IMPREG Made Boxes to Protect Every Order

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