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Support Products

IMPREG Liner Support Products

Most worksite conditions require support products to ensure quick, seamless installation of the IMPREG Liner. These industry standard best practice products ensures liner insertion, installation and final curing success, no matter what challenges a project might present.

Glide Foil

The IMPREG Glide Foil is a protective sheet on the underside of the IMPREG Liner to ensure liner protection during the insertion process.

The Insertion Process

When devices used to clear obstructions from the pipe are unable to clear all residual sharp edges, the IMPREG Glide Foil is applied to the base of the pipe to minimize friction and protect the liner on insertion.


Glide Foil is designed to minimize friction and considerably reduce forces during liner insertion.

Safety Caps

To support the IMPREG Liner during installation, safety caps are used to protect vulnerable stretches in the manhole and intermediate manhole areas.

In the manhole area...

Specially developed safety caps made from durable wear and tear-resistant PVC material in a standard length of 1.50 m / 5ft is used.

In the intermediate manhole area...

supporting zip-fasten caps are fixed to the base of the pipe, then closed after the insertion of the CIPP liner. These caps can be installed in advance for inaccessible intermediate manholes.

Reusable Airlock

Specially developed for efficient installation of IMPREG Liners, the Reusable Airlock simplifies the introduction of the light train when the liner is opened to full cross-section for the curing process.

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