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Setting the Standard

IMPREG Quality

At IMPREG, we have made the quality commitment to lead the CIPP industry into the future with our innovative wastewater pipe rehabilitation solutions. We are not satisfied with what we have achieved, instead continually monitoring our operation processes and products, always with the goal of more efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. We measure ourselves both against rigorous external international standard audits, and our own strict internal directives. IMPREG is ambitious and uncompromising when it comes to providing the highest quality product on the market.

Exclusive Materials

When it comes to IMPREG Liners, we leave nothing to chance. Only the best of raw materials are used in our products to ensure our industry leading structural characteristics for our CIPP liners.

IMPREG liners are impregnated with innovative resin systems under strictly controlled conditions and the most stringent quality standards.

Individually Optimized Resin Systems

DNV Certified Fiberglass for Liner Reinforcement

Exclusive DIN-Standard Unsaturated Polyester Resins

Quality Control Process

Monitor, inspect, checks and balances, and the documentation of all processes. These are the foundations on which quality is built at IMPREG.

Unbroken Traceability on Every Liner

Video Documentation of all Manufacturing Processes

Rigorous Testing and Documentation of Raw Materials and Liner Properties


Exclusive materials, consistent rigorous quality control practices, top touchpoints, and documentation every step of the manufacturing journey. IMPREG Liners set the wastewater rehabilitation standard, because we are the standard.

Even under the most demanding loads, the IMPREG Liner’s material characteristics means your pipe systems are at optimal performance for decades to come.

Permanent Corrosion Resistence

Leading Strength Properties

50+ Year Lifespan

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