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Welcome to IMPREG, the world’s leading CIPP liner manufacturer for trenchless pipe and sewer rehabilitation with UV-curing technology solutions.

We develop and produce CIPP liner systems using a high-tech process for efficient, durable, safe and environmentally friendly CIPP liner solutions.

We are groundbreaking, without breaking the ground.


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Versatile & flexible, long durability (50+ years service life) or fast delivery times are particular advantages of our cured in place pipe solutions with IMPREG liners. Our company also stands for high quality in development, customer service and environmentally conscious use of resources.


Globally Trusted, Globally Used

Trenchless Technology

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Environmentally Friendly

Prevent Styrene and Resin Migration

Ease of Install

Faster & Safer for Installation Teams

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Proudly Made in Richmond, VA USA

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient Materials & Process


With our innovative Liner’s fiberglass composition, master any pipe dimension, complex remit, deflection, change in dimension, and even pipe degradation challenge with ease.

  • Most Economical Rehabilitation Solution
  • Trenchless, Minimal Commercial & Foot Traffic Impact
  • Versatile, Any Size, Shape or Location
  • Durable, 50+ Year Service Lifespan


From municipality project specifications, through jobsite technical support, we partner with our clients through the entire installation process. We do not consider our work complete, until your work is complete with a liner successfully in the ground.

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Case Studies

Some highlights of our case studies projects as we provide Wastewater CIPP Solutions all over the world.

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